Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Scoop

Thanks to some friendly/gossipy new neighbors (my favorite kind, as long as they're not talking about me), we've learned the history of how our house became a foreclosure. The couple who lived here were in their 60s. He was a retired naval officer and very handy - he had a wood shop in the basement and he built the deck and fenced in the backyard himself. She was a seamstress (one of the bedrooms is a sewing room) and showed dogs (poodles I think) and she had about 10 of them. That explains what the tiled bedroom was all about - it was the doggies' room. And that's why all the carpet in the house is new; I guess the dogs weren't house trained very well. Apparently the hubby told her "it's me or the dogs"...and she picked the dogs. So when they went to try to sell the house, hubby discovered that it was only in wifey's name and that made him so mad that he decided to walk away. She was unable to keep up with the payments, hence the foreclosure. So our house is the product of a bitter divorce. It sounds like the owners were interesting and fun people (bitter divorce notwithstanding) and they definitely took good care of the house - they even left us a note to let us know the code to the garage door opener. I'm just glad no one died here.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


So, some stuff has happened in the past couple of weeks. 1) We bought a house. 2) We moved into it. 3) We made our first ever trip to the ER with Sawyer, who had croup. 4) We've tackled several home improvement projects with mixed success. 5) And last but certainly not least, we have watched two episodes of Lost on our new TV. Yep, Eric talked me into it. We got it at Circuit City's going out of business sale so it was a good deal, 60% off the retail price. Not as good a deal as just keeping our current more moderately sized TV, but whatever.

1) The closing process went more smoothly that we ever could have hoped. The inspection went great (very few problems, especially considering that it was a foreclosure), the appraisal came in high above our price (that was a relief!), and we ended up needing less cash at closing than we had expected (more money for furniture! Woohoo!)

2) Moving went well, although it was a stressful 3 days. Eric took boxes over in five trips on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday our wonderful Elder's Quorum came to help with the heavy stuff along with Eric's dad and brother. Thanks to them it took less than an hour! We spent the rest of Saturday cleaning the empty townhouse and filling in nail holes (ugh).

3) On Monday night Sawyer suddenly started wheezing during his bath. He kept saying "It's scary!" I wasn't sure what he was talking about - he has had a lot of new fears come up during the process of moving and he's been saying a lot of things are scary. A couple of minutes later he was breathing normally and seemed fine so I put him to bed and left his door open so I could hear him if he needed us. A couple of hours later I could hear him coughing and crying and he seemed to be gasping for breath. We called the nurse's hotline at the hospital and they said to bring him in to the ER. The triage nurse could tell right away that it was croup. We felt a little bit sheepish for rushing him to the hospital late at night, but they said it was a good thing we brought him in because his oxygen levels were low. He got an epinephrine nebulizer treatment (and hated every second of it) and felt much better. We got home a little after 2 a.m. I guess I'm being paid back for making my parents take me to the ER countless times for my childhood asthma attacks. It was always in the middle of the night.

4) I've replaced half of the kitchen hardware (the other half requires drilling new holes in the cabinetry and I'm scared to do it without Eric's help), painted big squares of sample paint on the walls, and installed a new chandelier in the breakfast room (with Eric's help - that was definitely a two person job!) I have new door knobs coming this week. Little by little we're getting rid of all the shiny bright gold fixtures. Before and after pictures to come!

5) LOST! I loved the past two episodes. Reactions/recaps are also forthcoming. Since there is no new episode next week (why?! WHY?!?!) I'll have time to play catchup.

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