Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thanskgiving, and Giving Back to my Uterus

Our frozen transfer took place on November 28th. But first, Thanksgiving! It was wonderful having Thanksgiving the week before our FET because it gave me so little time to worry about it. Time flew by. We had a great Thanksgiving day at our house with family and a few friends.

My two sisters and I split the food making so that we each made 3 or 4 dishes, so it wasn't stressful at all to host. I even had time to make placecards...

...and "thankful cards." We each wrote down what we were thankful for, then we had to try and guess who had written each card.

The kids had fun at their table too, making Native American headbands and coloring pictures of turkeys. I think they even ate some food.

Once Thanksgiving was done, we had the weekend to relax and clean the house. I had Christmas card envelopes ready to address during my period of bedrest and Felicity DVDs cued up. Best of all, I felt great physically. It's amazing how much easier the FET process is on the body! No ovaries working overtime, no regimen of several shots a day. Just one a night. (Some nights it's two, but I figured out I could draw them up into the same syringe. Yay.)

My transfer time was 2:00 on Monday the 28th. Sawyer gets off the bus at 3:00, so Eric took the day off so he could be there to meet the bus. Which unfortunately meant that he wouldn't be able to be there with me, but since the whole process is getting pretty routine for me, I was OK with that. SG wanted me to arrive by 1:30 so I left around 12:00 so I'd have time to stop on the way for a quick lunch (I was already tired of turkey leftovers at home) and to get my mandatory beverage. For transfer you need to have a moderately full bladder, which means drinking about 20 oz of liquid an hour before. I got there right on time, which might be a first, and only had to wait a few minutes before they took me back to the transfer room. They had me take off my shoes and put on booties, and undress from the waist down and wait for Dr. S to come in. He went over the consent forms with me (no pushback about transferring two this time - the silver lining to two miscarriages in a row.) The transfer itself went very smoothly, and even though I apparently didn't have enough to drink they were still able to visualize well enough. Both embryos came out together this time. Afterward they had me lie still for 5 minutes, then I got up, got dressed, used the bathroom, and checked out with a nurse who reminded me to rest on a couch or bed for 24 hours, keep taking my meds, and not to freak out during the two week wait. I am a compliant patient but I made no guarantees about that last one. And that was it. I was pulling out of the parking lot by 2:25.

Bedrest was great. Nothing like lazing around reading and watching TV while all your meals are brought to you. We did have one minor incident in which Eric decided to play a video game in the basement and he couldn't hear us yelling for him, which caused me a sudden blood pressure spike and near aneurysm, but I survived it (and more amazingly, Eric did too.) By the next morning I was ready to be done, but I managed to hold out until 12:00 when Eric convinced me to come get lunch with him and drive around looking at houses. So I made it 22 hours. Don't tell my nurse and get me in trouble.

So now, we wait. For some reason SG makes us wait a full two weeks after transfer to have a blood test which feels eternal. I haven't been as busy the past few days so that makes it harder too. Maybe I need a new hobby.

As far as testing at home, I'm going to do it, but I'm not going to write about it on here. Once we get a firm answer one way or the other though, I promise you'll get the full story. I just can't put it out there yet, for my own sanity.

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