Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Answer's in the Music

Ha ha, this was fun. I copied this from Michelle. Some don't make any sense but a few are really funny. It also shows the lack of variety of artists I have on my iPod. I need to do some serious ripping from my CDs!

Directions: Put your music player on shuffle.Press forward for each question.Use the song title as the answer to the question. No cheating.

How am I feeling today? Tori Amos "A Sorta Fairytale"

Will I get far in life? David Brent "Free Love Freeway" (from The Office! hee hee)

How do my friends see me? Beth Orton "Carmella" "Ain't nothing very funny 'bout a man making money off a blond haired blue-eyed girl" - apparently they all think I'm a whore.

When will I get Married? Tori Amos "Wednesday" Actually I got married on a Saturday.

What's my theme song? Oasis "Roll With It" good one!

What is the story of my life? David Gray "Freedom"

How can I get ahead in life? Beth Orton "Central Reservation" The most enigmatic song ever.

What is my best feature? MXPX "Chick Magnet" Apparently women are attracted to me! Cool.

How is today going to be? The Sundays "I Can't Wait"

What is in store for this weekend? Rob Thomas "Now Comes the Night" Oh no, I'm going to die!!!

What is my life like at the moment? Ryan Adams "The Shadowlands" Now that's depressing.

What song describes my secrets? Death Cab For Cutie "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" - doesn't really make sense, but a great song nonetheless.

What is my current lover like? Jack Johnson "3 R's" from Curious George - "Reduce, reuse recycle!" (I swear Eric, I didn't plan that!)

What song will they play at my funeral? Indigo Girls "Ghost" That's appropriate, because I definitely plan to be there to see what everyone says about me.

How does the world see me? Ryan Adams "Jesus (Don't Touch My Baby)" Hmm, an overprotective mother?

Will I have a happy life? Tracy Chapman "The Promise" Oh, that is a happy song.

What do my friends really think of me? Ryan Adams "Carolina Rain" It's about a murderer. Nice!

Do people secretly lust after me? Beth Orton "Worms". "Now I'm your apple eating heathen, the original sin." I guess that's a yes.

Will I accomplish my goals in life? Duncan Sheik "Mister Chess" So I have to work on my strategy maybe.

Will I find true love? The Sundays "Joy"

How do I treat others? Puddle of Mud "Control" Ha!

Still Growing

The garden continues to grow. Since the last picture I've put in three types of tomatoes, basil, more beans, thyme, and summer squash. The flowers I planted aren't doing too well thanks to some negligence on my part - we had a dry, hot spell and I forgot to water for a few days. The green leaf lettuce bolted a week ago and the romaine is almost done too since it's been so warm. We'll miss having fresh lettuce from the garden - back to buying it in bags. My next project is to construct a trellis for the tomatoes and squash. I can't wait for that harvest! I'm also planning on putting some mint plants in the planters where the strawberries were supposed to be since I've been unsuccessful at getting two different batches of them to grow. Here are some more pics.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Standing Man

Right around his first birthday, Sawyer started cruising. He's been pulling up since he started crawling (about 7 months) but has just now figured out that he can get from place to place by holding onto things. It's just a matter of time now until he's walking solo.

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