Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Chocolate Milk

Sawyer's favorite food is chocolate milk. He will drink it all day, every day if we let him. I buy the Nesquik powder so we can use organic milk to mix it into, and because it has less sugar than Hershey's syrup or Ovaltine (and did you know Hershey's is mostly high fructose corn syrup? Yuck.) I also like the powder rather than the premixed stuff because I can put just a little of it into his cup and his "chocolate milk" is more like regular milk with just a smidgen of chocolate.

The other day before dinner I asked him what he wanted to drink and of course he asked for chocolate milk. When I went into the kitchen he followed me saying "No no no no Mama! I want Daddy to make it!" I told him it was the same thing, Mama could make it just as well as Daddy. He insisted: he only wanted chocolate milk made by Daddy. So I watched Eric make it. It turns out Daddy has a different strategy - he adds 3 scoops of powder (the box says to use 2) and sometimes also adds a bit of half and half.

So it's true. Daddy really does make better chocolate milk. But Mama's might be less likely to give you type 2 diabetes.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Budding Artist

Sawyer has become obsessed with writing and drawing lately, which I'm thrilled about, because until very recently he had absolutely no interest in picking up a writing instrument of any kind. Now he'll sit at the table for long periods of time tracing letters and numbers and shapes, and getting more creative too. Here's his first recognizable drawing: "a face with arms."

Often he asks me to draw something for him so he can try to copy it. It's challenging for me since I'm not an artist (AT ALL). I do OK when he asks for a puppy, or a tree, or even Lightning McQueen. But yesterday he came up with a new one: "Mama, draw windy." So I drew a tree with lines going by to signify wind. Then he said, "Draw germs." Um...germs just look like little bugs, right? So I drew something resembling little spiders. Then, "Draw penguin germs." Sorry son. I can't draw that without doing some research. How about a smiley face instead?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friday, January 08, 2010

A New Year, and a New Layout

In lieu of making New Year's resolutions, I decided to do a blog makeover. I'm still tweaking some things, so if you come by during the next few days and things are a bit wonky, that's why. (Don't you just love the word "wonky"? Maybe I should resolve to say "wonky" more often.)

***Thanks to André for informing me that the comment form wasn't working - I think it's back up now. Also, I seem to have lost some of my blog roll in the left sidebar, so if you don't see your blog there (and you'd like it to be there) please let me know.

Monday, January 04, 2010

More Sawyerisms

Sawyer weighs 34 lbs now, just over the 30 lbs required to sit in a booster seat in the car. Although our car seat can handle up to 65 lbs, we've recently had several incidents where Eric took the car seat to work by accident, or the car seat cover was being washed of pee and Chick-Fil-A milkshake spills and I needed to go somewhere, so we finally went and bought a booster seat. I asked Sawyer if he was ready to ride in a booster seat like a big boy. He looked at me excitedly. "A monster seat?!" From "monster seat" we got to "mooster seat" and finally to "booster seat." But once in a while he still only hears the "-ster" part and calls it a monster seat. I like it.

Last night I heard Sawyer talking in his sleep. Just one loud exclamation: "I like pizza!" I do too son. I do too.

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