Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here We Go...Again

There's something really different about this cycle. It's a different protocol than I've done before, but the biggest change is that I'm not excited at all. Last time was "Here we go!" and now it's more "Ugh, here we go again." I heave a sigh before every shot.

With two losses in the past 5 months, it almost seems impossible to me that this will work. And yes, I know IVF veterans are probably laughing at me at this point - 3 cycles in a year really isn't that much. But it's a lot for me. I'm not sure how many more times I can handle doing this.

On the bright side, this FET stuff is pretty easy compared to a fresh cycle, at least physically. Only two ultrasound and bloodwork appointments before the actual transfer (as opposed to about 10 for fresh.) And the meds are much easier too. Here's the schedule, trips to the doctor in bold.

Nov 12 - Baseline appointment, Delestrogen shot (0.2 ml)
Nov 15 - Delestrogen shot (0.2 ml)
Nov 18 - Delestrogen shot (0.2 ml)
Nov 21 - Delestrogen shot (0.2 ml)
Nov 23 - Ultrasound to check lining, bloodwork to check P4 and E2 levels; if all looks good begin progesterone (PIO) shots
Nov 24 - Delestrogen shot (0.2 ml), PIO shot (1 ml)
Nov 25 - PIO
Nov 26 - PIO
Nov 27 - Delestrogen & PIO
Nov 28 - Transfer, PIO
Nov 29 - PIO
Nov 30 - Delestrogen, PIO
continue both meds until....
Dec 12 - beta

I'm also taking all the same pills I've been taking since the spring: Metformin, FABB, Vitamin D, levothyroxine, bromocriptine.

So at this point I've had the baseline appointment and two Delestrogen shots. So far so good. Although the doctor who performed the ultrasound was kind of weird. I had to go to a far away office since it was a Saturday, so I didn't see my normal doctor. Actually, I'm not even positive she was a doctor, because she didn't introduce herself to me before shoving the wand in, and then she told me absolutely nothing about what she saw, except to ask me "Are you sure you haven't had anything removed?" Um...yeah, pretty sure. Apparently she found everything she was looking for though because she was done and gone before I could ask a question. Bizarre. They must have been running really behind schedule that day. Or she was just weird.

So that's the latest. Taking my big-A shots (they are both intramuscular) and waiting for the next appointment. Here we go. Ugh.

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