Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did I really just say that?

To Sawyer, currently sitting in the Naughty Chair: "No, you were naughty so you may not help Mommy clean up."

Oh, the "punishments" that work on a 3-year-old...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breastfeeding at the Office

I'm pretty liberal when it comes to public breastfeeding (I've done it just about everywhere) but this might just cross the line - even for me.

Speaking of Jan, did you know her candle company Serenity By Jan has a website? You can actually order candles from it. Check out the scent descriptions and testimonials, they're pretty funny.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nothing cohesive today

Some random thoughts today:

My mystery allergy is mysteriously back. My lips are itching like crazy.

I hope and pray for the day when Prop 8 won't come up in Relief Society anymore, and I can once again be fairly sure my head won't explode at church.

I'm thinking of compiling a comprehensive list of Backyardigans episodes Sawyer likes, and having Eric verify how he says them so I can tell what he's asking for. It took me two whole days to figure out that "Squaw Picture" actually means "Swamp Creature" in Sawyer-speak. Some others:
"Spud-a-doo"="What Bugging You?"
"Mermaids"="Into the Deep"
"Tission"="Secret Mission"
"Catch a Penny"="To the Center of the Earth"
"Crazy Day" or "Wordle"="Race Around the World"

There's been a mini baby-boom among our friends. Katy and Aaron had their baby Reuben, Kevin and Mindy had baby Lindsay, and Jen and Dave had baby Chloe (no pictures yet!) Congratulations all around!

I'm excited to go to New York on Wednesday with my dad. Megan and Ryan are meeting us there and we're going to see "A Man For All Seasons," and to celebrate Megan's birthday. The only downside is that Eric can't come.

Some funny ChaCha questions I've answered lately:
Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
Can you get pregnant from climbing a tree?
What were ALL the causes of the Industrial Revolution? (this one's funny because the answer can only be 130 characters long)
How do you say "You're my dirty little secret" in French?

About 90% of my questions lately are French translations, which is fun. The rest are about movies and religion. Yay for the specialist program!

I have to go shopping today - here's what's on my list:
vertical blind clips
silicone sealant
pepper spray

Sawyer woke me up from a nap yesterday by whispering "Sticky." I still have no idea what he was talking about.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just a couple of months to go...

Thank you, LOST, for giving me something to look forward to in January!

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