Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breastfeeding at the Office

I'm pretty liberal when it comes to public breastfeeding (I've done it just about everywhere) but this might just cross the line - even for me.

Speaking of Jan, did you know her candle company Serenity By Jan has a website? You can actually order candles from it. Check out the scent descriptions and testimonials, they're pretty funny.


  1. Ew yuck. I am fine with pulic breast feeding too, but not TOPLESS in public.

  2. Ok - who are you kidding? You are just as liberal as Jan with your breastfeeding. We've all seen your boobs.. old news.. yada yada.

    I love your misc post. You keep me entertained!

  3. Wow - just another reason why I "heart" the office

  4. Too funny! Maybe I will actually have to start watching this show. Can I just say Net Flix is calling my name!

  5. EEK. I actually hated Jan. I am so glad she isn't really on anymore.


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