Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ugly Toys, Happy Boy

Before having a baby I swore I would never let my house get taken over by all those ugly, bright plastic toys that seem to clutter up the living rooms of otherwise decorating-savvy young parents. I was unable to keep my promise to myself though. It started before he was born with the Fisher Price Aquarium swing, given to him by his grandparents. It is truly hideous, but he loved it from the start and it was a convenient place to set him down so it ended up right in the middle of our living room. The latest addition - his ExerSaucer. It's so garish it makes the swing look tasteful, but having a place where he can safely play by himself makes uglying up my house totally worth it. He goes absolutely nuts over the blue elephant; I think once he gets teeth that thing is going to be chewed to pieces. So I guess my point here is that life is all about change and compromise, and one of the compromises of parenthood is having ugly toys in your living room.


  1. I love my exersaucer. It has saved my sanity so many times. My boys have outgrown it, but it's in the storage closet, waiting for the next baby to come along.

  2. I totally know what you mean. When we finally got into our own house, I was so excited because it has a separate family room (although very small) and a "living" room or parlor. I was determined to always keep the front room beautiful, spotless, and toyless so that when unexpected visitors come I can casually close the family room door and keep the toy disaster room out of sight. That lasted all of, oh, say, a week. You see, I have a toddler. And he loves to distribute his toys EVERYWHERE. Some days I just can't keep up with him, and by the time he goes to bed our house looks like a FisherPrice tornado went through it. So much for my Better Homes and Gardens dreams. :)

  3. That's a funny promise to make; I've made the same sort of promise to myself, pre-child bearing season of my life. But you're right, who can really keep that promise when you want to make that squealing ball of good-smelling skin happy?


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