Monday, May 01, 2006

Congratulations Mom and Erin!

Last week Sawyer and I went out to Utah to celebrate the graduation of my mom and my sister Erin from BYU. Erin graduated in English and is planning to move to the DC area soon, so you know what that means - instant babysitter! My mom had to drop out when she got pregnant with me, and so now almost 30 years later she finally had the chance to go back and finish. She is now a college grad with a degree in Family History. I am so proud of her! Here are some pictures from our stay.

Grandma Sue and her grandbabies after the ceremony.

The graduates with me, Sawyer, Tanne, Caroline and Megan.

The two water babies. Sawyer and Caroline both love their baths!

On this trip we discovered that Sawyer loves dogs - even 75 lb. Jack, who has huge teeth! Luckily there isn't a sweeter dog in the world and he put up with Sawyer's abuse without complaint.

On the swing at Grandma's house. The house my parents are renting while they build their new one has a fantastic back yard.

The two cousins with Erin and Megan. Sawyer better grow, Caroline is catching him up!

Sawyer's favorite greeting for Grandpa - the Head Butt.

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