Friday, October 19, 2007

Star Wars Fans, Hide Your Eyes (and Ears)

Oh, the horror.


  1. This is sooo bad.

  2. I seem to remember us getting roped into some ward musical review thing in high school that was almost this bad. As I remember it, we were supposed to sing that song from Beauty and the Beast. The one that goes, "When I was a boy I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help be get large..." I was Gaston and you were Belle. Your Mom wanted me to stuff some kind of furry coat down my shirt to make me look more muscular and hairy. And as I recall, the performance, at least on my part didn't go so well. I think you did just fine, but mine was a little more like this video clip--perhaps absent the off tune bit. I remember your Mom laughing at all of it and your Dad struggling to say something complementary. Good times in the old Leesburg ward.

  3. Aaron, I guess the difference is that no one video taped ours...THAT WE KNOW OF!

  4. I would pay GOOD money to see THAT video.

  5. LOL - I saw this on the Soup too. Too freakin' funny.


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