Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Office is Back!

Thursdays are (almost*) right again, starting tonight. Dunder Mifflin employees visit Michael and Jan at their condo for a dinner party and have at least one conversation about Michael having three vasectomies. Not uncomfortable in the least (both the conversation and the vasectomies.) And according to one of the sneak peaks, Jan and I share a hobby: candle making (I wonder if she makes Mandles?) Set up your DVRs!

*They'll be all the way right again when LOST comes back.


  1. Yeah! The Office! Thursday night was getting dull w/o Lost. Now there is a filler.

    By the way, you've been tagged. Go see my post titled "5 Things Meme" for details.

  2. YEAH!!! We're so excited here!


  3. He he he. I have a feeling your candles are much better. It was a great episode though.


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