Monday, July 07, 2008

So It Isn't Just Me

I had a pretty lame 4th of July. I was sick (Sawyer gave me a whopper of a cold - honestly, who gets colds in JULY?!) and it rained all afternoon and evening so we didn't go to the fireworks. In fact, Eric and Sawyer were both in bed before 9 p.m. So I watched the fireworks on TV and perused blogs about improper spelling and punctuation. Which is actually a lot more fun than it sounds. Here are a few I found:

Red Pen, Inc.
Fulfill your innermost desire of attacking all those mistakes with a red pen! An English teacher's paradise (or nightmare, depending on how you look at it.)

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks More scare quotes than a classic Chris Farley sketch.

Apostrophism Dedicated to the rampant misuse of apostrophes.

Apostrophe Abuse It's an epidemic! Literally!

Literally, A Web Log
Tracking the overuse of the word "literally."

lowercase L A study of handmade signs in which all of the letters are uppercase except for L. Seriously. It happens more than you'd think!

Signs of the Times Incorrect and amusing signs.

Say What? Incorrect, amusing, and just plain weird.


  1. Some of those sites are hilarious. I'll have to check back when I have more time to really digest them.

    And I hope you're feeling better. I have a cold right now too, and I'm feeling awful - so it isn't just you. :(

  2. I'm so glad you brought up "literally." That one is another one of my huge pet peeves. People say it all the time when they don't mean literally at all. They mean, practically. Even really educated people do it. It makes me so mad I literally throw up! hahaha.

  3. Hey Chelsea,

    Someone at work showed me this blog. Pretty good satire. I thought you'd enjoy it.


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