Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I should have done several posts over the past few days, but since I'm feeling lazy, here's a summary.

-I chopped off the tip of my thumb making Valentine's Day dinner for Eric. I was chopping on an angle so it cut off a lot of nail and just a tiny sliver of thumb, but it bled forever and hurt like crazy. I completed the meal using only one hand with my thumb wrapped up in layers of sterile gauze.

-After we had decided not to get each other gifts (since we're buying A HOUSE in less than two weeks) Eric surprised me with an iPhone. I thought "no gifts" actually meant no gifts. Hence the pressure I felt to finish cooking dinner, since that was my only present for him.

-The dinner turned out great despite the inadvertent amputation. Roasted racks of lamb marinated in Herbes de Provence and garlic. (When I asked the girl at the Wegmans butcher counter for marinade ideas she suggested "Herbs de Providence." I thought that might work better for Easter.) Roasted garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed green beans on the side, and Symphony brownies for dessert.

-I really, really, really love my iPhone. Beyond all reason.

-Eric claims to be happy that I didn't buy him a present, because now he can use my guilt as leverage to get a new plasma TV. Apparently our 42" LCD that we bought 2 years ago is now a useless relic and would be an embarrassment in the new family room.

-I chose a paint color for the new kitchen, only to discover that it's currently the most trendy/popular color in North America. Trying to decide if that means I should pick something else, or if I should just give in and admit that I'm becoming a yuppie.

-We started packing. My soaping equipment, all our books and movies, and most of Sawyer's toys are done. I hate (HATE) moving. The whole process overwhelms me and stresses me out. I have never coped well with change, even when the change is something really exciting and good. So maybe spacing things out over a couple of weeks is the way to go. Or maybe we're just prolonging the agony.


  1. so sorry to hear about your thumb! and really, we'll take that embarassing tv off your hands for you. we wouldn't want your new neighbors thinking any less of you and your yuppiness.

  2. I'm dying to know the paint color. One of my birthday gifts was the entire paint chip book from Benjamin Moore. I was thrilled. Apparently, I'm a color dork.

  3. What is the paint color? Is it silver sage? I can't wait to see it on the walls!

  4. Yep Christie & Shannon - it's Restoration Hardware Silver Sage. I am in love with it! I hope it looks as good on the walls as I'm picturing.

    Mindy, Eric thinks he's going to keep the "old" TV in his office so he can use it just for video games. I want to sell it on Craigslist. We'll see who wins. :P

  5. I hate moving, too. Sorry about your thumb!

  6. I say keep the paint color you like! With all the colors and variations of colors in the rainbow, combined with how they look next to YOUR cabinets and countertops, I guarantee your kitchen will still not look like many people's kitchens out there.


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