Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Sawyer and I weren't feeling well today, so we stayed home and celebrated Earth Day by watching part of the Blue Planet series from the Discovery Channel. It's fabulous and kept Sawyer enthralled for much longer than I expected it to. He especially got into the parts about penguins - he's been on a penguin kick lately. According to Sawyer a penguin says "Eek!" in a very high pitched voice. I have no idea if he's right or not. Anyone know what a penguin really says?

I'm not the best at making environmentally friendly choices (I drive a Dodge Durango for heaven's sake!) but I have tried to change a few things in the past couple of years. Learning to make soap and other bath products was a big eye opener for me because I now know what's in most commercially produced products and it's mostly not good. I'm much more stingy in my use of heating/air conditioning than I used to be. And when we had to buy a new washer/dryer we opted for an energy friendly choice even though it was more expensive.
Probably my favorite change I have made is a really simple one - using reusable grocery bags. I bought a bunch of the Wegmans bags (99 cents each) and I love them. I'd use them even if they weren't "green" because they're so sturdy; the groceries stack up perfectly inside, they don't spill all over the back of my car, and since they're so much larger than the plastic bags, I can get a whole week's worth of groceries into 3 or 4 bags rather than 8 to 10 plastic ones.

So that's my attempt to save the Earth. Kind of lame, I know, but big changes start with small ones, right?


  1. I think Sawyer is right on with the penguin sound. It's an incredible combination of a shriek and grating croak. Those animals are not popular for their voices.

    The babies make a pretty cute high pitched cooing noise though.

    Nice job on the bags. I need to get better at remembering ours. I forget and then I tell them I don't need a bag and end up trying to carry everything in my hands or piled around Reuben in his stroller.

  2. Any tips on how to remember to use your reusable bags??? I have three in my car that I have NEVER used except for the first time, when I bought them. I only remember when I'm at the check out.

  3. Arianne, I have trouble remembering mine too. I've started putting them back in the trunk of the car right after I put the groceries away. When I remember to do that, it works great!

  4. Actually, they've never even left my car. They're there every time I go shopping, I just never remember to take them INTO the store! I'm such a dunce!

  5. Awwwww....I wish we had Wegman's in NYC. I'm jealous.

  6. if you have a trader joes, they let you enter a weekly drawing to win free groceries every time you bring in your reusable bags. love it. of course, never have won anything.:) it took some time for me to remember my bags, but after only forgetting once or twice, i always seem to remember them. it is a habit now and i love not having a ton of plastic bags taking up space.


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