Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sawyer's Prayers

We love hearing what Sawyer comes up with when he says his nightly prayers. At first we gave him lots of prompting ("What did you do today? What are you thankful for?") but now he launches into it all by himself. It's not always easy to understand him but he is often very thoughtful. Some recent examples:

-"Thank you for washing the car and splashing the car." He had helped Eric and me wash the cars that day.
-"Bless Penny in her crate."
-"What's Penny barking at?" Not sure if this is supposed to be rhetorical.
-"Thank you for Backyardigans and Pablo and Wall-E."
-"Thank you for Father's Day." He started this one on Father's Day and then kept mentioning it for weeks afterward.
-"Bless Caroline and Mary Grace and Megan and Ryan and [whoever else we've seen recently.]"
-"Thank you I go to preschool." He's getting very excited to start preschool in the fall!

And the other day he made up a song that went like this: "Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, you so so nice," repeated over and over again as he danced (naked) around the house.


  1. I love hearing kids pray. It really shows what's on their minds!


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