Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Confession

I am almost 32 years old, and part of me still wants an American Girl doll for Christmas. When I was a kid they only had the historical dolls representing various periods of American history, and I wanted a Kirsten doll something crazy. My friend Ashley had the Samantha doll with all the accessories and I practically boiled with jealousy every time we played with it. My parents never had the budget to get me a Kirsten - actually, I suspect that they could afford one Kirsten doll, but not five, and since I had four sisters it wouldn't really be fair for only me to get one. American Girl retired the Kirsten doll this year, so it's officially too late for my wish to come true.

Don't cry, I'll be OK. I'm getting a Wii.

But if I had a daughter, I would TOTALLY get her an American Girl doll, probably this one, even if she didn't want one, just so I could play with it too.


  1. I had never even heard of them growing up. Good thing, cause I would have wanted one too. Hopefully a girl is in your future. Cause there's always ebay to get that Kristin doll!

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    If the Wii doesn't help you get over the doll let me know and I can take the tragic game system off your hands so you don't have to be reminded of the hideous thing that tried to take the magical, immortal place of Kirsten in your heart.

  3. Did you ever ask for Kristin? I don't ever remember wanting one as a girl but now I love the idea of one for my girls (in a few years). :)

  4. I got Addy for my 37th birthday, it's never too late!!

  5. Good for you Margaret!

    Meg, I asked for Kirsten at least two years that I can remember, when I was 9-10. It was always right below "Puppy" on my list. :D

  6. You are hilarious!! Olivia wants one this year (she's 8), but she is so irresponsible with her other dolls and toys, that I just can't do it. Maybe this next year she can prove herself. You should ask your parents why they didn't get it for you. Maybe there's some hidden reason.
    And Andre's comment is still cracking me up!

  7. i was so sad to see kirsten disappear - i could never justify getting myself one as they came on the market after i was an adult, but i do have one of the kirsten book posters...but seriously i should have a kirsten!

    as far as the new ones, hannah wanted KIT for 5 years since they looked alike...sadly, her parents are cheap and her grandparents are too :-(

    now we have the 3 girl problem, hannah would murder us in our sleep if we got AG dolls for the others even though she no longer wants one.

    oh, and we're still cheap...

  8. Oh, I'm so there with you! I loved Samantha, but Kirsten was my close second. I never got one either if it makes you feel any better...

  9. Oh my gosh I LOVED the American Girls growing up :) I still have all the books I read as a little girl and a paper doll book that I never dared actually play with because it was too perfect! Kristen was probably my favorite too but my parents could never afford it either. Sigh...


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