Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Only In It For The Drugs

I'm on a lot of medications right now. Like, a LOT. Here's the list (full disclosure: I have to look at my list on my iPhone to remember them all.)

-levothyroxine (for hypothyroid)
-metformin (for PCOS)
-bromocriptine (for elevated prolactin, probably also related to PCOS)
-birth control pills (part of FET cycle)
-prenatal vitamins (doesn't hurt to be prepared)
-vitamin D (because I am always pasty white)
-baby aspirin (increase blood flow to uterus)
-Lovenox (to prevent blood clots, since I am "blessed" with Factor V Leiden and MTHFR.)

The last one is what is causing all the trouble, and not just because it stings like a mofo. My insurance doesn't seem to want to cover it. At first they would let my pharmacy fill it, but only 6 syringes at a time. With a $10 copay, that's actually pretty reasonable compared to the out of pocket price (at least ten times that amount, even for the generic, which explains their reluctance to pay for it.) It was just kind of a bother to make such frequent trips to Target. Then last time when I tried to fill it I got rejected - they now will only give me 6 syringes every 23 days. Which is pretty useless since I need to take it daily or I could, you know, die from a pulmonary embolism. (Also, 23 days? Why not 20? Or 30? Or 42? Who came up with 23?) I've talked to several customer service reps who have been about as useless as their current Lovenox policy. It's supposed to be a straightforward process: have my doctor call them and tell them I need to take it every day, but that's happened twice already and for some reason that hasn't been enough to change it. Thankfully my hematologist had some samples in the office and she let me have enough to cover me for the next few days while we battle things out.

Watch out Cigna. I'm willing to fight for a long time to earn the privilege of not dying of a blood clot.

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