Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Our Christmas Cruise - Day Two - Christmas Day

On Christmas morning Sawyer was the first to wake up. Right away he saw that Santa had come! Santa's haul was on the small side this year, since I had to carry everything for him (the reindeer have a hard time finding cruise ships!) but Sawyer didn't seem to mind.

Showing T-Rex the view
Since we got an early start to the day and I was still pretty tired, Eric took Sawyer to have breakfast at Parrot Cay and gave me the best gift of all - more sleep! I slept until 11:00 (!!) and woke up to find that they had brought me cereal and milk, my favorite breakfast. I ate it and then got up, got dressed, and finished unpacking and organizing our stuff. Sawyer wanted to play with his new toys so we hung out in the stateroom for a while.

When it was time for lunch we went to Lumiere's and I had a big salad with chicken. It had a lemongrass dressing and papaya and was delicious. We asked Sawyer what he wanted to do next and he said he wanted to go to the kids club. We tried to talk him out of it because we felt guilty about leaving him there on Christmas day, but he begged us to go so we dropped him off. He didn't even look back over his shoulder as we left. Eric and I took a walk around the ship and stopped at one of the shops to buy a few things we needed - a memory card for the camera and a canvas bag to bring to the beach. Then we went up to Deck 9 for some soft serve ice cream. There was no one else up there so we found some deck chairs and enjoyed the view.

Not the typical Christmas scene!

I don't think I had a good hair day the whole trip. Thank you, humid Caribbean air!

On our way to pick up Sawyer from the club I snapped a few pictures of the decor on board. It reminded us that even though we were in the tropics, it was still Christmas.

After a while we decided to pick up Sawyer, because we wanted to be sure his first visit to the club was fun and he wasn't just waiting for us to come get him (I know, we are overprotective parents!) He said he was hungry so we went back up to Deck 9 to get some more snacks. It was still pretty deserted.

We weren't too excited about going to that night's show (I was feeling tired and nauseous - are you sensing a theme?) and Sawyer was asking to play with his toys some more, so we decided to rest in our room until dinner. That night we were scheduled to be at Parrot Cay, and it was formal night for Christmas dinner. Sawyer had his usual. I loved how our waitress always brought his food right away, he was never sitting there waiting/complaining. Extra nice since dinner was at such a late time.
The food was delicious. I was feeling pretty sick (my "morning sickness" tends to be the worst in the evening) but felt much better once I got something in my stomach. Once again our dinner companions didn't show up, so it was just us. Eric had this fruit sorbet appetizer that was to die for.
My main course was turkey and stuffing. Really really good.
Eric with his dessert. He did not want to share.
My dessert. It was OK, but kind of Little Debbie-esque.
Chocolate pudding with Mickey sprinkles!
As soon as dinner was done we went back down to our room to go to bed. Eric wasn't tired so he left us there and went up to watch the Bears/Packers game on the jumbo screen.
Our towel animal made by Junior, wearing my shades. We couldn't tell what it was (a dolphin with legs?) but Sawyer decided it was an anteater.

Programs for the next day - Cozumel!

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