Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Holy side effects, Batman!

I remember the first time I went on the pill, just before getting married, and how awful and puke-y I felt for the first few weeks. So after two days of ingesting my little pink friends, I was feeling rather proud of myself for feeling absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Until yesterday afternoon. At around 4:00 I felt a slight twinge in my forehead, which gradually developed into a full-blown, jackhammer-through-my-temples headache.

When bedtime came around my head was still pounding, so I decided to do a bit of yoga to get centered and relax it into submission. I was about 10 minutes into my practice doing a forward bend (and I must say, a pretty good one too, with my chest flat against my legs and my head gently stretching towards the floor) when all of a sudden I was wrenched out of my peaceful zen-like state by a spasm in my esophagus. Before I could utter a single "om," I was watching the contents of my dinner plummet towards my sticky mat.

Now, I know it's normal to feel nauseous while practicing yoga. But tossing my cookies in a completely inverted position was a brand new experience for me, and one I hope I don't repeat. After cleaning up I decided I'd had enough yoga for one night and crawled into bed with Eric, who stroked my hair until I fell asleep like the amazing man that he is.

Today the headache is still hanging on. I think tonight I'll skip the yoga and go straight to bed.


  1. Wow chelsea,
    I didnt think it was possible to throw up that way !!
    Hope you are feeling better soon xx

  2. Thanks! I hope so too. BTW I was just looking at your chart and it looks GREAT! Fingers crossed...

  3. Well that just full-on sucks, though I must be some kind of sadistic weirdo because I laughed pretty hard.


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