Tuesday, October 12, 2004


(Warning: Pregnancy symptom complaints ahead. If you are like me and have no sympathy for whining pregnant people, skip this one.)

I've been a slacker about posting lately, which is fitting because I've become a slacker in pretty much every area of my life. This pregnancy is draining me of every ounce of energy I have. It seems like the most I can do these days is drag myself out of bed, do my shots, watch daytime TV, and occasionally sluggishly do a basket of laundry. I'm having severe nausea that lasts all day and all night. The only time I feel relief is right after I eat, and half an hour later the nausea is back. So I have to spend all day trying to eat when eating is the last thing I want to do. I haven't thrown up at all, despite a few gagging incidents, but man oh man I wish I could. See, I don't really mind throwing up. For me, the worst thing is the feeling right before you throw up, and I already have that all the time. Barfing once or twice would be a relief.

On to more pleasant topics. I had my last RE appointment with Dr. B yesterday. The ultrasounds keep getting more and more amazing each time. The baby was all curled up in this one and wiggling around like crazy. We could see the heartbeat (130 bpm) and body parts are becoming easier to identify. Al made the nurse laugh by exclaiming, "Man, that kid is all noggin!" Dr. B pronounced me officially graduated from fertility treatments, gave me my records to take to my midwife appointment tomorrow, and made me promise to bring the baby in after it's born so she can hold it. So on to the OB/midwives practice. I'm excited to be a normal pregnant patient rather than a "special case", but I'll miss the weekly ultrasounds.


  1. Hi Chelsea...
    Thank for the warning on this post... I read it anyway... there is something about women who have had m/c or fertility issues... their complaining doesn't bother me... It is the ones who don't appreciate the fragility of pregnancy and just "assume that they are going to stay pregnant so they might as well bitch about it" That bug me...

    Anyway... I also LOVE Rhonda Britten... I am about halfway through the book and I feel like it is changing me already... I am joinng a FEARBUSTER group that meets once a week on the phone... Anyway... do you feel like the book helped you? Just wondering...


  2. Oh yeah.. and I am addicted to STARTING OVER.. I come home for lunch every day to watch it because I TiVo it!!!! (I reaaly HATE Kim...)

  3. I have the same symptoms as you - the constant nausea but not throwing up. Try ginger pills that you can get from a healthfood store or pharmacy. They have really, really helped me. They usually come in 1000 or 550 mg that I've seen.

  4. Jamie, I'm a S.O. addict too! When I'm not home I have to record it.

    Jukeboxjezebel, I'm totally going to try those. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM


    We talked coupled of times at FF, my id is try'gforone. My cycle for First IVF is cancelled due to understimm and converted to IUI which is failed. I'm planning to change my RE, and found Dr. Asmar is the only one who has the closest office. I have appointment on Nov 1st at Reston office.. I believe, your RE is Dr. Asmar. I would like to talk to you on some issues if you are upto talk.. email me at guessmyname4me@yahoo.com if you wish..

    Hope you are feeling better. How glad i will be to have your symptoms... Please pass on your symptoms to me...

  6. I am sorry to hear that you are so sick, but glad to hear that you are a graduate. Congrats!
    Love ya!


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