Tuesday, May 03, 2005

He's Put On a Few

About a week ago Safeway was having a sale on Thomas bagels where if you bought one bag you got two free. Eric and I both love bagels and I'm a sucker for a good deal, so naturally I stocked up. E had one for breakfast with butter and jam one day and decided to leave a stick of butter on a plate out on the counter so the next time he wanted butter for his bagel it would be nice and soft and spreadable. Throughout the week I noticed the butter quickly disappearing. "Wow," I thought, "Eric's really on a bagels-with-butter kick." I'm a cream cheese freak myself so I wasn't using any of it. What struck me as odd, besides how fast it was going, is that it was being cut from the top instead of the ends. I had never noticed my husband's butter spreading habits before, so I figured it must just be his own quirky way of doing things.

Fast forward to Friday evening as Eric and I were eating dinner. We heard our cat Walker jumping up on the kitchen counter. He's not allowed up there and knows it but we've been completely ineffectual in training him not to jump up. I went into the kitchen, but by the time I got there he had jumped down and run into the basement. E came in behind me armed with the spray bottle, looked at the counter and a got a weird look on his face. The butter was completely gone and the plate was licked clean. "Honey?" he said. "Have you been eating the butter?" I told him no, I thought he had. He hadn't used it all week since that first bagel. He didn't want to say anything to me about it because I'm so sensitive about gaining pregnancy weight and he didn't want to hurt my feelings by implying that he was concerned that I was eating large amounts of butter on a daily basis.

No wonder the cat has been looking a bit chunky.


  1. Seriously, you always make me laugh. Bravo, Al, for being sensitive enough to not mention it! You really picked a good one.

  2. What a great story. I guess butter is just cream in concentrate, so it makes sense. Wonder if cats like margarine too?

  3. You know, this is a funny story already, but actually knowing the two of you makes it a thousand times funnier.

  4. That is too funny that the cat fled to the basement, like he knew what he was doing would upset you. Animals are really like little furry people.

  5. Hi Jeremy! Thanks for posting, I love your blog! Yes, he is just like a little furry person. He totally knows he's not supposed to eat things off the kitchen counter, but he doesn't give a damn. He has no shame!


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