Wednesday, June 08, 2005

If You Want My Body, And You Think I'm Sexy, Come on Baby, Let Me Know... one?

So I'm having some body issues. While I was pregnant I felt fine, because pregnant women are supposed to look huge and bloated. Now that I've been unpregnant for over a month, I'm getting impatient for things to get back to normal. I gained 30 lbs during the pregnancy, and I've lost 20 so far. Sounds great, right? Well yeah, until you know that I started out the pregnancy about 20 lbs heavier than I should have been. So, 20 lbs lost, 30 to go. Man, that's almost as depressing as already having my period back (oh yeah, I saw the doctor today, and everything is fine; she is 99% sure the bleeding is in fact a period. I have 30 day cycles, and the bleeding started exactly 30 days after delivery. Apparently I'm the queen of period regularity. YAY.) I've had a slight weight issue since I got married. I know, go ahead, point and laugh at the girl who got married and got fat. It's embarrassing because it's such a cliche!

Actually, now that I think about it, it wasn't getting married that did it to me. I didn't really start to gain weight until we had been married for a year and I graduated from BYU. During college I was very active. I walked several miles a day getting to and from classes, and I usually had one or two dance or PE classes that kept me moving. After graduating, I didn't have to walk anywhere and I didn't have classes to make me get off my butt, and basically I got lazy. Add to the mix the stress of infertility, moving to a place where I didn't have any friends, and a post-graduate identity crisis and it's pretty obvious that I was set up to get a permanent case of the munchies.

I'm ready for a change now. It's time to get serious and get moving, because if I don't lose it before the next pregnancy, it's a slippery slope to becoming Fat Mormon Lady.

On the brighter side, here's a new picture of my little boy. He makes getting fat TOTALLY worth it!


  1. Hi, this is my first comment here. I found you via Mommy Wars. Congratulations on the birth of your little boy! Your description of weight gain after BYU graduation, post-graduate identity crisis and infertility is exactly my story! It took us 4 years of IF and finally a successful IUI to have our 7-month old daughter. In those 4 years, I definitely did my share of "wah, I can't get pregnant, bring on the chocolate" and my pre-pregnancy weight gain was the result. Then I got pregnant and gained 30 pounds, much of it water (oh the swelling!). I am working on it and am now a few pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant (YEAH!), but still have about 10 pounds or so to go before I get to where I was before infertility. There is definitely a body image crisis when you have a baby, and I hear you on the slippery slope of becoming a chubby mormon mom (it would be all too easy) but don't push it. You've got a lot of work to do in the whole nursing arena and that is enough to wear anyone out, so keep resting up for a bit and start exercising slowly. I'm in Maryland where it is SWEATY hot these days, but I get out and walk/jog (more walking than jogging) in the mornings with dd and then we usually go for a stroll with DH just before dd's bedtime. Getting outside is so nice for all of us and exercising allows me to justify still eating like a pregnant woman - I swear, breastfeeding makes me snacky!! I'm working on curbing that snackiness, but for me it is the hardest part! Sorry I wrote a novel. Good luck, be gentle with yourself and have fun with your sweet little guy!

  2. I think Sawyer looks like you.

    And in the spirit of relating, I got fat after graduating from BYU too. I think it was a lot of the same stuff - moving to a new place, living a MUCH more sedentary lifestyle, starting grad school, etc. I started losing my hair too. I got fat and bald. But I started working out more and lost 20 lbs and my hair grew back, so it's all good now.

    I don't know why I just told you all that.

  3. It's so nice to know it's not just me!

    Mary, I'm in VA - it definitely has been sweaty hot! Thanks for reading and for reassuring me that it's OK to keep resting for a bit.

    ADQ, Sawyer really does look like me, especially pictures of me as a newborn. I'll have to post a couple to compare.

  4. I'm just about to graduate from BYU and I am already fat. And I don't want to get fatter!!

    Chels, I wish I had some good baby advice, but I just don't, so I won't even try. But that baby is adorable. I may not have any advice, but if you ever need someone to gush, I'm your girl!!

  5. Even without infertility treatment, pregnancy hormones do a number both on your body and your body image. (A friend of mine says, "they tell you it's a "placenta," but really it's half your brain and all of your self-esteem). As hard as it is to wait, I think it's really good not to put too much pressure on yourself to get your body back until the baby's 9 or 10 months old, at least. The good news is that for many women, nursing really helps--I'm never skinnier than when my babies are about 8 months old and maximally fat! But some women also find it impossible to lose that last 10 lbs. until nursing is finished. The bottom line: be patient with yourself and exult in what your body can *do*--creating and sustaining an entire new being is nothing to sneeze at!--and try hard to worry less about how your body looks.

    For what it's worth, now that my youngest is 4 and I can hit the gym pretty regularly, I weigh less than I did in high school. Still, I'd happily put on 20 lbs. tomorrow to be able to nurse another baby. Enjoy it!


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