Thursday, September 01, 2005


I did the dumbest thing today. I was on my way out the door to visit my sister in the hospital (she's 26 weeks pregnant now and her water broke prematurely so she's now on hospital bedrest for the duration of the pregnancy. Please keep her and baby Caroline in your prayers.) At the last minute I remembered that my purse was upstairs, so I set Sawyer down in his carseat and run up to get it. On my way down my right foot slipped out from under me and I fell onto my butt/back and bumped all the way down our 12 steep, hardwood stairs. OUCH!!! I'm all banged up and in serious pain now. I might go to the doctor tomorrow but my guess is all they can do for me is give me painkillers that aren't good to take while breastfeeding, so I'll probably just take extra strength Tylenol and deal with it. I am so mad at myself for 1) being such a clutz and 2) wearing stupid shoes that hardly have any traction for the sake of fashion. On the other hand, I'm SO glad I didn't have Sawyer in my arms when I fell. He saw the whole thing happen from his carseat and just looked at me like, "Geez mom, what did you do that for?"


  1. Not to mention the stupid feeling of your butt bumping down all the stairs. Been there done that, but my stairs are carpeted. Chiropractic?

    Falling down is not stupid, hon, it's just an accident. It's not about who you are. Easy does it.

  2. So true. Your ability to walk down stairs does not define you as a person. You might remember that I once broke my arm when I was walking down a hallway, so I really HOPE that doesn't define me.

  3. OUCH! Hope you're better by now. And done being so hard on yourself ... sounds like the stairs were hard enough!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm fine now. And I'm a LOT more careful going up and down the stairs.


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