Monday, February 20, 2006


As I think I've mentioned before, we are teaching Sawyer sign language. We're using the book Signing Smart With Babies and Toddlers. This is his first sign: "bed". It's an approximation (he should have his hand flat against his head) but he definitely knows what he's trying to say. Every night after Eric gives him his bath he starts signing "bed," "bed" until I put him down and sometimes he signs it as he's falling asleep. Some of the other signs we are working on are "Daddy", "bath", "dog", "music", "hurt", "wake up", "more", and "kiss". He understands several of these, so it's a matter now of getting him to sign back to us. It is really cool to see him putting things together in his mind and for him to know he can communicate with us.



    What a smart baby!

  2. Hi! First time here... this post caught my eye as we have been siging, too (with our 16 mo. old sicne he was about 6 mos.). Love it! Really cuts down on communication barriers and will *hopefully* deter tantrums in the near future! And his language is bomming because of it, too!


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