Thursday, April 20, 2006

Funny Boy

Sawyer has picked up some funny habits in the past few weeks. One is rolling his tongue, like he's trying to pronounce "R" in Spanish. He is amazingly adept at this and can do it in any pitch or tone of voice. He has also started babbling all the time - before he made lots of noises, but now you can tell that he's imitating speech sounds. He makes "sentences" and obviously knows exactly what he's saying, even if Eric and I don't. We're still signing with him, but so far he still only signs back to us when he wants to go to bed. The other night I was nursing him to sleep and as he was drifting off he signed to himself "bed" over and over again, like he was saying "ahhh, I get to go to bed." He understands when we sign "bath", "Daddy", "eat", "bird", "light", "fan", "up", "more", "book" and "kiss."

My favorite funny thing he does is head-butting whoever is holding him. It seems to be his way of saying "I like you" (maybe he's part goat?)

We went to the beach with Eric's family for Easter and had a great weekend - the weather was fabulous. Sawyer had his first taste of sand. He was unimpressed. He then rubbed some all over his face and cried to be picked up.

This is how he's learned what "up" means. Eric will say "want to go up?" and he'll throw his head back in the air and clench his fists to get ready. There's nothing that makes him laugh harder.

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