Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ahhh, Sleep!

Sad that I've gone back to once a month posting...

BUT that may change soon since my life is completely different now! After lots of trial and error, I discovered that Sawyer has an allergy to cow's milk. That's why he was waking up screaming several times every night - the milk proteins from foods I consume pass into my breastmilk and he can't handle them. So I've been off dairy for a month and oh my goodness! What a difference. He is a changed baby. The dietary restrictions have been hard as I'm something of a dairy freak - I used to have milk on my cereal for breakfast, yogurt with lunch, cheese with almost everything, and ice cream for dessert. All that's changed now! I substitute rice milk with cereal in the mornings (which is kind of gross, but I'm getting used to it.) And it's totally worth whatever I have to do to be able to sleep at night - I can't believe how much energy I have!

I am also feeling totally vindicated in my parenting choices. I was getting a lot of pressure to let him "cry it out" to get him to sleep through the night. I am so glad I didn't give in! My poor baby was in pain and leaving him to cope by himself wouldn't have accomplished anything positive. Yay for parental instinct!

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