Friday, August 10, 2007

Not the Biggest Loser (But a Loser Nonetheless)

I just realized I never posted the results to the Biggest Loser competition I took part in. That's probably because I didn't win. I came in 6th out of 14, so not too bad. I lost 14 lbs in 13 weeks. Altogether, the whole group lost 150 lbs - a whole person! The Biggest Loser was Tiburon (who has a kickin' blog, by the way.)

So now we are three weeks into Biggest Loser 2 (tagline: "This time, they'll end up even LESS flabby!") The first week I was at the beach, so I did not get off to a great start. Between Uncle Billy's fried shrimp, Aunt Carrie's chocolate chip cookie pie, and the fact that the freezer was always stocked with at least a dozen different types of Klondike bars (that's not an exaggeration!) I pretty much threw all my restrictions out the window. So now I'm trying to make up for it and not doing too well. I really want to lose 15 more pounds - if I do that I'll be at the weight I was when I got married, which is just about right for me. Not too skinny, but definitely skinnier than I am now.


  1. Just adding some motivation for the BL2 competition (although I'm also a competetor). We need to post some more good recipes. I'm getting bored with the ones I have.

  2. Chelsea you will always be a loser in my book. KIDDING! You look incredible - I wish you would have let me share your before and afters - there was such a difference! I honestly don't see how you have 15 pounds to lose. You are a stunner! :)

  3. Christie, Ooh, let's do a recipe swap! I desperately need some new ones too.

    Jess, Thanks for the comment - nice to hear from another NoVa'er! ;)

    Tib, You are too sweet. But believe me, I have it to lose. Just ask my tight pants.


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