Thursday, November 01, 2007

This Sucks

I got a call from the insurance secretary in our RE's office yesterday. Apparently our insurance company is saying we have no infertility coverage. Which is very strange, because the policy booklet that I'm looking at right now says we're covered at 50% for all infertility diagnostics and procedures (including IVF related ones). Eric's going to talk to his office's HR guy today and see what the issue is. If we find out that the company opted us out of the coverage I will be all kinds of pissed. We chose this company based (among other things) on their insurance coverage for infertility!

We're really back in the game now, it's just one thing after another. If we have to self pay, we can (although not right away, we don't have enough saved up). It just makes me mad that something this basic and common wouldn't be covered. I mean for heaven's sake, getting pregnant is supposed to be free - and for some people, it's even fun!


  1. Ack! That sucks Chels! I can't believe that - I would be all kinds of pissed too.

    I hope it was just a mistake and you have the coverage.

  2. Chelsea - I am so sorry. I just know that this will work out for you some how. I'll keep you in my prayers!

  3. Yeah, that sucks. We have friends who are infertile and adoption is the only option. So bizarre how they will literally have to purchase their children.


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