Monday, January 14, 2008


So it's a couple weeks into January, the point where I've usually broken my resolutions many times over. I can happily report that this year, that isn't the case. And I owe it all to Biggest Loser 3!

Tiburon, my wonderful friend with a kick-butt blog, has once again organized the weight loss competition. Having lost 15 lbs last year, I am determined to reach my goal weight this time. This one started January 7th and goes until March 28th (12 weeks). This time there are more competitors than the previous times (which I'm sure is due to the start date!) and the jackpot is $650. A big enough chunk of change for a totally groovy new skinny wardrobe. Even for non-materialistic me, that is pretty motivating!

On our first weigh-in, we collectively lost 122 pounds. In one week! 3 1/2 of those were mine. I thought I did really well but I only ranked 16th. It's going to be a fierce competition this time!


  1. 15 lbs.? That's amazing! Good Luck!

  2. How is this week going? I'm struggling a bit, as I feel constantly hungry. UGH. We can do this.

  3. Thanks Katy!

    Christie, ME TOO. I wasn't hungry at all last week and this week I'm constantly starving! Maybe our bodies are just now realizing what we're doing to them. :)


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