Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sleep, AI and LOST

Feels like a random post day.

I'm struggling with going to bed at night. I've had this problem my entire life. It's not that I can't fall asleep, it's that I don't want to stop doing what I'm doing and go to bed. You know how little kids never want to go to bed even if they're really tired because they think they're going to miss something? That's me, I guess I never outgrew that. I was up until 3 last night cleaning, working on my Etsy shop, watching TV and reading. Not good.

In better news, my Cadbury Mini Eggs are finally all gone. No more temptation! Until Christmas, anyway. A very good thing for my waistline.

How awesome was David Cook's rendition of "Billie Jean" on American Idol last night? I wish he had gone first, because it would showcase how truly awful Kristy, Carly, and Ramiele were. Kristy's song choice was smart, because people will vote for the pretty blond patriotic girl, but I'm always completely bored and underwhelmed by her vocals, and to be honest that song makes me throw up a little bit. Carly is a great singer but I wish she would stop YELLING everything - not every song has to be powered through. I've been annoyed with her ever since she butchered "Blackbird". Last night she sounded like a mix between Cher and Celine Dion. And Ramiele - just ugh. I hope she goes bye-bye. Brooke White remains one of my favorites for the simple reason that she doesn't belt out every single song - she has some complexity to her voice, and it's not overly trained and forced. Could anyone else tell she was trying really hard not to mouth off to the judges like she usually does? I thought that was funny. And Simon's comment about David Archuleta not picking his own song was interesting given all the rumors about his dad being a pushy stage parent.

Speaking of am I going to survive the next few weeks without LOST? I might have to rewatch the first 8 episodes of season four. Thoughts about last week's episode - did they really kill off Rousseau?! I saw the bullet go in, but somehow I'm not sure this is the end for her. We've certainly seen characters survive being shot before. There's a lot more to her story (we haven't seen that flashback episode the writers promised not so long ago) and I think she's one of the most interesting characters on the Island, so I hope she's alive. Maybe she'll pull a Locke on us in the next episode. Karl is definitely dead though. Poor Karl. At least he got a cool Star Wars allusion in before he kicked it ("I have a bad feeling about this...")

About Michael; I like the idea that he is trying to redeem himself for betraying his friends. He has always struck me as one of the weakest of the characters when it comes to morals, so it will be interesting to see if he's able to find redemption in his final days. I think he's the one in the coffin (anyone else?)

Why can't Michael kill himself? What does it mean when big gay Tom says "the Island won't let you"? (By the way, I think it's hilarious that Tom used to be the scariest of the Others, and now we find out that he's this jolly gay foodie. Talk about character development.) Here's my out-there theory: it all goes back to destiny. Remember the episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes" where Desmond first time travels? He goes back to his pre-Island life and tries to change things so that he ends up married to Penny instead of on the Island. He finds out that he can't. He meets the mysterious Ms. Hawking, who explains that no matter what he does, he will always end up on the Island because it is his destiny to push the button.

So it must be Michael's destiny to go back to the Island on the freighter and work for Ben, since he's been unsuccessful at three separate suicide attempts. The big question is, how does Tom know that it's his destiny? Here's where it gets even weirder - maybe it's because Tom and Ben can see the future. It's not too much of a stretch - we've already seen this happen with Desmond when he has a vision of Charlie dying. Ben always seems to be three steps ahead of everyone else all the time. I think Ben is able to use the Island's powers to see the future, and I think it has to do with his ability to talk to Jacob. This is why he's so passionate about protecting the Island from being discovered by Widmore or anyone else. Ben knows that it's Michael's destiny to be on the freighter because he's seen it, just like Desmond knew it was Charlie's destiny to die no matter how many times he tried to save his life. It's not that the Island controls destiny, it's that it allows certain people to see what an individual's destiny will be.

Of course I could be completely wrong. But it kind of makes sense, right?


  1. Interesting LOST theories. I must say that the day after Easter, I ran to every store looking for the Cadbury mini eggs. Those are the best!

  2. #1. I LOVE Cadbury mini eggs.

    #2. I agree with your assessment of American Idol 100 percent.

    #3. Are you thinking Ben is the one who killed Carl and (possibly) Rousseau? That whole exchange between them right before the three headed out was a little fishy.. plus he was not too hip on Carl touching his daughter (remember right before he gave them the map it showed him scowling at Carl's hand on Alex' hip?)... plus when he said, "your mother will protect you" referring to Rousseau protecting Alex he was all weird and gave her the stinkeye... plus Carl mentioned that he thought Ben might be playing them - and then he got shot in the heart!

    I'm off to watch tonight's episode of Lost. Loves.

  3. I'm not a candy fan or a milk chocolate fan, but I do love me some Cadbury mini eggs.

    I think Rousseau is dead. I also think it's interesting that Michael thinks he can redeem himself of killing two people by going and killing a bunch more people. Walt's clearly going to say, "Oh awesome dad! You killed more? Well, you're definitely not a psychopath. Come give me a hug."

  4. By the way, I'm writing this at 2:14 am, so you're not alone in that either.

  5. Arianne, Sorry you were up late too. Ugh. Good point about Michael trying to redeem himself with more killing. What could possibly go wrong with that plan? LOL

    Becky, I don't think Ben was the one who shot them - but I think he definitely knew it was going to happen. Sneaky sneaky! I can't decide if the shooter was a freighter person or one of the Others.

  6. I love your blog! You can definitely add me to yours, but only if I can add you to mine. :) Very interesting Lost theories, by the way. I am totally missing it right now! Good thing we have American Idol, right? Brooke is my favorite right now. By the way, I love mini eggs, too! It took a lot of restraint to not clean out the store after Easter. :)


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