Friday, August 14, 2009

Tantrum Time

Sawyer is currently throwing a tantrum because I turned off the TV. When this happens I usually ignore him and he stops pretty quickly. This time though he is persisting, and little does he know that I'm typing everything he says, for posterity, of course. I stopped short of getting out the video camera - this is slightly less cruel, right?

Sawyer, while rolling on the floor and wailing hysterically:

I soooo sad! Look at my face! Look at my eyes! Soooo sad! What happened? Are you OK? [I think that part is what he thinks I'm supposed to be saying to him.] I'm rolling! I'm rolling! Uh-oh! I too sad! [lots of heaving of breath and artificial wailing.] I too tired! I too sad! I need 'yardigans! Ahhhh! Oh no! I hurt myself! [He didn't.] He's crying! Sawyer is crying! Look at meeeee!

Ah, the joyous times.


  1. I actually DID video Olivia throwing a tanrum jsut a few months ago! It made her so mad, it was hilarious. I just wanted to be able to show her once she's an adult what I had to work with on a daily basis. And she was 7! I know, ridiculous!!

  2. Awesomeness. :) I may have to try this one.

  3. Hilarious! He's so considerate to fill in for you :)

  4. In someone's home, I once saw portrait-quality pictures of their kids with serious puss-faces on. It's a part of your life with them; I don't think it's cruel to record it. Now showing naked toddler photos to dates is another story...

  5. that's so funny! haha I love sawyer


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