Thursday, May 08, 2008

Coming Out

I've come out about some pretty big things on my blog: infertility, priesthood envy, liking They Might be Giants. Here's another one: I am kind of a hippie.

There is a lot of evidence to the contrary. I'm Mormon, and we tend to be pretty preppy in general. I usually vote republican. I don't wear peasant skirts or Birkenstocks. I live in a yuppie paradise, where we have 50+ chain restaurants within a five mile radius and everyone has perfectly manicured lawns, 2.5 kids and twin Golden Retrievers. Despite all this, here are some of the things that make me a closet hippie (or "clippie.")

-I make soap. (In some circles, that is the only criteria you need.)
-I play acoustic guitar.
-I believe in extended breastfeeding, and have no qualms about whipping out a boob in public to do it.
-I use reusable grocery bags (although this is becoming more and more common, even in yuppie circles, thanks to Oprah).
-I use a Diva cup.
-I think it's sexist that women have to shave their legs. (I still do it though.)
-I know how to compost.
-I'm named after a Joni Mitchell song. Although this says more about my parents than about me, since they're the ones who picked it.
-I grow organic vegetables and herbs.
-I practice yoga and meditation.

So there it is. Thanks to the blogosphere, I have very few secrets left.


  1. you are so funny, and definately a clippie. very cute!

  2. Like what you wrote! By the way I got the Diva Cup at fews months ago and it's been one of the best purchases I've made. I got mine at South Coast Shopping for $16.99 and received it two days. No more Tampons!

  3. hmmmm, the diva cup. i'll have to look into that. i WISH i made soap.

  4. I love your clippie side. And I can vouch for your clippie history, having lived with you some 8 years ago.

    What's a Diva cup?

  5. I am a clippie too. I have often thought you and I would be good friends if we lived closer. I still need to get reusable grocery bags, though.

    Oh, I grew my leg hair ALL the way out once. EW. Not hot. The true hippies can keep that one.


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