Friday, May 23, 2008

How Many Lives do Macs Have?

My MacBook is on its third life - or at least, its third hard drive. Last Saturday morning I was reading blogs when it suddenly froze. I had to force quit and manually shut down, and when I started it back up again, guess what? A gray screen with a flashing, question-marked folder. No hard drive. Just like last time. I couldn't believe it. So Sawyer and I spent the afternoon driving to Tyson's Corner for another visit to the Genius Bar (Eric was studying.). I had to leave it overnight, and again they were unable to save anything from the hard drive. It's a good thing I learned my lesson last time and had backed everything up a couple of weeks ago. But I did lose the Enrichment invitations I had designed for Relief Society and my passwords list, which for some reason didn't make it onto the data disk I burned during the last backup. It's going to be a HUGE pain to remember and/or request replacements for all those passwords. But hey, at least my ginormous iTunes library is safe! My next purchase: an external hard drive so I can back up more frequently. I hope if it's going to die again it happens soon, because the warranty expires in July.


  1. That stinks about your many do that...was there not a LOST last night!?!?!? :(

  2. Hi Heather! Your little girl is sooo cute! No Lost last night because of the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy finale. Next week is the 2 hour Lost finale, and they're showing last week's episode too with added scenes - so 3 hours of Lost! Woohoo! :D

  3. If that were my computer, I probably would have picked it up and thrown it against the wall... then it would be dead for Im glad you at least didnt lose your I-tunes, or anything really valuable.

  4. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Hey I tagged you! Head over to my blog to see what it's all about.

  5. That Suckity suck sucks! I'm about to have to clear my hard drive because my laptop is ailing. But at least I will do it on my own time. I'm so sorry!

  6. I cannot believe you've had so many mac issues. Hope its fixed this time for good.


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