Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We Fockerized Him

I just re-watched "Meet the Fockers" the other day and realized two things. First, the baby on it reminds me SO much of Sawyer. He's about that age now, he has the same coloring, and he signs. (Thankfully though, Sawyer's first word was not "Ash-hooole.") Second, I hadn't noticed before that the characters in the movie have a conversation about the topic of my last post - attachment parenting vs. independence training. The Byrnes are using the Ferber method (cry it out) for baby Jack and the Fockers believe in attachment - as they put it, "We hugged and kissed our little prince like there was no tomorrow. We Fockerized him."


  1. Chels! Love the posts. We're on board with the Focker method. I smother little Benny with kisses all day and I still even hold him sometimes while he take naps just so I can love on him. I have had friends tell me to put him down and get stuff done, but why should I? He's so yummy! Plus, he won't be a baby for long! Mmmmm.. babies.

  2. Can you post some halloween pics of my boyfriend? I love him.


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