Monday, April 02, 2007

I Want to be a Big Loser!

One of the ladies from my online fertility/moms group had a great idea. Since so many of us are trying to lose weight, she set up a Biggest Loser competition. We all put in $20 and at the end of the competition whoever has lost the highest percentage of weight gets the pot. It starts today. I am really excited to finally get the rest of this baby weight off of me (can I really still call it "baby weight" when my baby is almost two?) and be ready for bathing suit season. I'm following the You On a Diet plan - whole grains, nuts, fruits and veggies, and lean meats - and walking, rowing and doing yoga. I'll post my results when it's over at the end of the 12 weeks. NO before pictures though - no good can come from sending those out into the world!


  1. Hey, that's awesome! I hope you win.

  2. I totally think you can be a big loser, Chels!


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