Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kids and Their Cell Phones

Sorry Mom, I need to take this.
Excuse me Mom, could I have some privacy?


  1. hey, i just read your post on why you are so busy!! i wanted to let you know something about s. heward. her husband is trying to set something up for her birthday next year. email me at terinaj at yahoo dot com. (this is soeur jex if you don't remember me) your son is cute!!

  2. He is adorable. My little Miranda just turned 2 also and when she saw these pics, she immediately put her hand to her ear and said, "Hi" to Sawyer. SO CUTE!!! I have many a project like yours too. THREE kids equals THREE times the... fun, yeah that's it!

  3. He is such a biggy... and so tech savvy. Love the pics.


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