Thursday, June 28, 2007


Sawyer is talking up a storm these days. He uses long, complicated sentences that are clearly full of complex and deep meaning. Unfortunately, he is the only one who understands what he's going on about. I feel like I did the first few months I was in France, when I could pick out individual words people were saying and get a general idea of the conversation, but the nuances were completely lost on me. We've managed to decipher a few key words.

"Giddy" - Get it (i.e., "please get it for me, Mother.")

"Kitties" - Not to be confused with "giddy". His favorite animal other than dogs - he doesn't say "dog" yet, he just signs it.

"Dee goo" - Thank you. He says this without being prompted now, which makes me so proud!

"Dum" - Some (as in, "may I have some please?") His normal usage: "DUM DUM DUM DUM!"

"Kah-ine" - Caroline, his favorite cousin

"Dad-Dad" - Grandad, who has been trying to no avail to get him to say "Judge Griffith."

"Bah-Bah" - Grandpa - I find this funny because his Grandpa's name is "Bob."

"Meh-mo" - Elmo, his favorite person ever (other than mom and dad of course!)

"Yish" - Yes

"Feetsh" - Fish

"Boomntz" - Balloons. This one sounds in no way like the English word. He makes a swallowing sound around the "m" that makes it sound like a strange dialect of German.

"Bah-boltz" - Bubbles

A typical conversation with Sawyer:

"A beesh blo sawt insha kitties."
"Oh really, did you see kitties?"
"What else did you see?"
"Huwty inpow blem blam sue Meh-mo."
"Oh, you saw Elmo?"
"Meh-mo binsh apol bah-boltz. Bah-boltz boomntz."

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