Monday, September 17, 2007

Crafty People Gathering

Saturday's craft fair went fabulously. It was a long day: 8:30 to 5:30, and Sawyer was with us the whole time. He did great, and even took a nap in his stroller when he got tired (he's never done that before - he's an in-his-bed or carseat sleeper). There was a good turnout for the fair, although a lot of attendees seemed to be there just to look around, not to spend money. I gave out lots of business cards and was approached by a few organizers of other fairs asking me to participate, so that could lead to more sales in the future. Since I'm working on getting my business name out there, that would have made the event a success even if I hadn't sold anything. I did though - I made about 11 times my booth fee. So I'm glad I did it, despite all the stress and late nights of preparation. Thanks so much to all of you who came by to support us!

The fair took place around the historic Lanesville house. It was a really beautiful setting, with trees on one side, a pond on the other, and the house right in the middle. They had live music on the lawn and crafts for kids.

My booth.

Soap display.

Solid lotion, lip balms, and soy candles.

Pillow sprays and herbal balm.

Sawyer, my sunny boy.

A groundhog that lived in the tree behind our booth.


  1. Great job Chelsea! Your booth looked wonderful, and I'm so happy that all your hard work paid off.

  2. Everything looked so great. You must have worked so hard. I am glad it was a success!

  3. What a gorgeous display! I'm so sad we didn't get to come. Aaron is taking a stupid Saturday class. When you see him tell him what a bad idea that is. We can't wait to try your soap!


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