Wednesday, September 19, 2007

D'aim, these are good!

I was at Ikea last week buying some soap dishes to sell along with my soap at the fair, and as I headed for the check-out line something bright red caught my eye. Could it was...a big bag of D'aim candies! I first discovered these little treats on my mission in France. Once in a while we'd stop in at McDonald's, and my companion and I got endless amusement out of ordering "D'aim McFlurries". They are similar to a Heath bar - chocolate-covered toffee. But this is European chocolate and hence bears no similarities at all to its waxy American cousin. YUM! So of course, I bought the bag. It's huge and will last me a long time. And then I'll need to make another trip to Ikea. I might need a cheap dresser by then anyway.


  1. Hmmmm - me thinks this treat may not be a friend to a biggest loser canidate. But they do seem oh so tasty!

  2. I was just gonna say the same thing Christie!! (only in different words...)

    I may have to try some on my free day though :)

  3. Oh so very true. Thank goodness for free days! (As I finish my tiramisu from Macaroni Grill...)

  4. That d'aim candy brings back so many damn good memories. I had to do it. loveme.


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