Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where'd the kitchen go?

On the 15th (a week from this Saturday!) I'm selling at my first ever craft fair. The preparations have all but taken over our home, especially the kitchen. Thank goodness for an understanding husband and a child who is perfectly content to watch Dora the Explorer reruns all day.

Beveling and polishing station, plus some candles. The counter in the background has clothespin sachets, herbal balms and body sprays.

Kitchen table with soaps waiting to be beveled and/or wrapped and labeled.

Stove area set up for making candles.

And a finished product - Blackberry Sage soap.


  1. Your soaps look amazing. Good luck on that craft show! It seems like there is a big market for this kind of stuff. You should come down to Charlottesville some time. I know there are a lot of stores here that really like locally made goods.

  2. Yeah, the soap looks awesome! Where is the craft fair? We would love to come.

  3. Thanks you guys! The craft fair is in Sterling this coming Saturday (the 15th) at Claude Moore Park - 10 am to 5 pm. And it's free!

  4. I love craft shows, I used to work them with my aunt when I was a teenager. Maybe I'll try and make an appearance...


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