Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Father's Day

Here are some overdue photos from our Father's Day celebration. We had a nice dinner at Megan and Ryan's house. My mom, my dad and my Grandy were all there. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a great time running around the yard.

Caroline and Sawyer with their Granddad.

Sawyer's favorite thing ever, being tossed by his dad. Caroline doesn't like it at all, so she was pretty concerned about Sawyer. (I'm with Caroline on this one.)


  1. What cute pictures!! Josh loves being thrown in the air too :D

  2. Holy crap! Sawyers getting some real air there! Looks like you guys had a fun day!

  3. Holy Cow! He looks like a spider monkey flying through the canopy.

  4. Chelsea - those pictures are fantastic!! I love them :)

  5. i realized that you were up there AFTER i got back. oh well. i'm planning on going back up there at least once before we leave NC. and i'll let you know too. how close are you to potomac mills????


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