Friday, June 26, 2009

Every Parent's Dream

I related more than usual to today's Engrish Funny:

After months (OK, actually years) of potty training, pleading, begging, scolding and bribing, Sawyer is finally consistently using the toilet. Our developmental pediatrician says that it's pretty common for kids with a language delay to also have issues with potty training, but we finally made it, right around his fourth birthday. Hallelujah!

He still has accidents sometimes when he gets really involved in playing and he doesn't want to stop what he's doing. He'll come up to me and say "Uh-oh! Accident!" Then he'll say "Oh well, that's OK," which is a line from a book he likes about learning to go potty. I want to tell him "NO! It's NOT OK!" but I usually manage to rein it in.

Next step: teaching him that yes, you really do have to wash your hands every single time.

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  1. That sign is funny! And I can SO relate. We potty trained Daphne at age 2 years 10 months. She got it quickly and did it perfectly for 2 months. And since then, nearly a year ago, she's been too busy to bother. So it's been over a year for us too. But finally, the last 2 weeks, I think she's finally gotten it! No more bribes, threats, cold showers (yes I actually resorted to that!)'s just in her hands, and she's doing it!


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