Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I fell off the radar screen for a while there because I was sick. We were all sick - Eric, Sawyer and I got the Worst Cold Ever. Eric missed several days of work. Eric NEVER misses work. After almost a week with no improvement we all went to the doctor. In the waiting room they had a big sign that listed the symptoms of Swine Flu and instructed us to put on a mask and use a squirt of Purell if we had any symptoms. I was pretty sure that's not what we had so we declined the masks. At least they're taking the outbreak seriously. When we saw the doctor she agreed with us that it wasn't Swine Flu (pshew!) but just a bad cold. She told us to wait it out for a few more days, and if we still weren't better to take antibiotics. A couple of days later (the day before Mother's Day, and the day of Sawyer's birthday party, which I have yet to blog about) Sawyer and Eric were feeling a lot better, but I developed an earache. So I filled my prescription and took a Z-Pak. 6 days later, my ear was still killing me. I went back to the doctor and she was surprised it was me and not Sawyer that was back with an earache. She took one look in my ear and said "Oh, that ear is not happy." No, it wasn't. I have newfound empathy for kids that get chronic ear infections, because it hurts like crazy. All I wanted to do was lie down and whine. She gave me a stronger course of antibiotics, and about 5 days later the pain was finally gone. I still can't hear well though - apparently it can take up to a couple months for the fluid to drain completely. Eric is calling me "old lady" because he is so tired of repeating himself to me whenever he's on my right side.


  1. I just heard of a natural remedy to cure ear infections without antibiotics. I can get you the mixture if you want...Thanks again for watching kids yesterday!

  2. Cool Meg, what's in the remedy? I tried some homeopathic ear drops that were supposed to help with the pain but they didn't do a thing.

  3. OUCH! that doesn't sound pleasant. If it makes you feel any better, I had strep once already this month and I think I have it again! I need to go see a doctor.

  4. if you press a clove of garlic, and add some olive oil to it, then refrigerate it for a little while, you can drop that into your ear. garlic is a natural antibiotic. but it wouldn't help the pain. and no chunks of garlic in your ears. ;)

  5. That sucks! I hate being sick. It seems like Brett is the only one around here that never gets it.
    At least it wasn't the swine flu!


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