Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Lion King Lear

The other day a tragedy occurred in our home.

It was Penny's doing. Despite the mountains of dog appropriate toys we've bought for her, she only wants to play with (and subsequently destroy) Sawyer's stuffed animals, in particular this lion. No matter how many times I put him away, she always manages to get him out again. I suspect Sawyer is helping her. At least now the poor lion won't have to see his stuffing ripped out in front of his own eyes.


  1. good one, chelsea!

  2. Oh soo sad! but hilarious!

  3. Anonymous8:56 AM

    i'm dying here - so funny! i mean tragi-comedic....
    - kirsten

  4. Poor Lion. Why do dogs always go for the toys??? And the expensive furniture.

  5. That is how our dog was too! No matter how many times we hid Landons things, she managed to find them and destroy them. Infact, I think 80% of our books have missing corners still. Poor Lion king! Now you can call him


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