Sunday, August 31, 2008

Information that would have been useful to me YESTERDAY

Eric and I were in Nordstrom yesterday and, like the fragrance ho that I am, I stopped to sample the essential oil perfumes from L'Occitane. I particularly liked the Lavender Eau de la Recolte Bleue and had Eric come over to smell it on my wrist. "Doesn't that smell great?" I said. "Hmmm," he replied, "I really don't like vanilla perfumes." Turns out he was smelling a little higher up on my arm, where I had applied my perfume. Which I've been wearing daily for a good 6 months. Which is Aquolina's Pink Sugar, a vanilla based perfume. So he's been hating how I smell for the past 6 months and never said anything. That's a considerate man for you - if I don't like his aftershave/cologne I protest loudly and then buy him something *I* like. So I guess I'm in the market for a new signature fragrance - something not vanilla based. Any suggestions?


  1. This is my new favorite perfume, They sell it at dillards, so you could go see if you like it. I think it smells SOOOOO good.

  2. I'm not a perfume person at all, but my hubby's favorite for me is Happy by Clinique.

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  4. I LOVE more than anything in the world the Tony and Tina Vibrational Remedy Fragrance. Seriously, it smells amazing,and is supposed to enlighten your senses.

    Seriously favorite of all times.

  5. I wish I could help you but I don't wear perfume!

  6. I'm with Tib - I don't do well with "smelly good" stuff. My hubby did buy me some Oxygene (sp?) once that he liked.

  7. Unfortuntely, I bought a cologne for Kelly for Christmas that I hate. It smelled so different from what he usually wears that I bought it. ONly later did I realize I can't stand it. But how can I tell him that when I bought it myself???

    My favorites are "Alabaster" from Banana Republic (kind of rosey and woody) and "In Love Again" by Yves Saint Laurant, which is grapefruity and light.

  8. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I have some sniffing to do.

  9. Anonymous5:06 PM

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