Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Eric is out of town today (actually, he's been gone all week) so I'm feeling lonely. Especially since it's Valentine's Day. So I was even more excited than usual to get a delivery from ProFlowers today.

I know it's cliché, but I love, LOVE getting flowers. Eric has always been wonderful about indulging me that way. When we were dating I'd often come home from class to find a bouquet on my bed with a note. After we got married, the flowers kind of tapered off (and interestingly, the farting increased) but I complained and he listened. Nagging really does work! A healthy relationship is all about asking for what you want and need (and ignoring the farting.)

Then to top things off, I got my box from the Soap Dish Chocolate Swap this afternoon. A whole USPS flat rate box full of chocolate.

I may have to spend Valentine's Day alone (for the second year in a row!) but I will have chocolate and Lost to console me.


  1. LOL! You're so funny with the farting thing! That's great that Eric remembered the flowers even when he was away. And what is a chocolate swap??? Next time I want to be involved!

  2. Looks like a good time. I Love flowers too. People always say they don't want fresh flowers because they die so fast but I think they can brighten the whole room for at least a week.

    I was sad I missed LOST. But since I already missed it I'm sort of tempted to string it out so I can have something to watch over the four week dry spell. BUT I don't want anyone giving anything away so maybe I'll just watch it tonight.

  3. So you may not have had Eric around last night, but did Sayid keep you warm? He's probably my favorite character on Lost, so I was happy to see that the show was centered on him. Hope you had a great night - flowers, chocolates, farting (lol) and all!!

  4. Arianne, 12 people sent in 12 servings of their favorite chocolate to the swap host. Then she put one of each kind in boxes and sent them all back. So we all got a box full of different chocolate treats!

    Katy, That is exactly why I have to watch them right away, I'm too scared I'll find out what happened from someone else. I would love it if I had the self control to wait and watch the whole series on DVD (it's so much better that way!) but alas, I do not. Go watch it, the last few minutes will blow you away!

    Becky, Love me some Sayid! His episodes are always the best, he's such a badass.

  5. Ohhh that chocolate swap sounds dangerous! Glad Eric got you some roses though :) I hope V-day wasn't too much of a bust!

  6. Maybe we need a Venus chocolate swap - after BL3 of course.

  7. Christie, That is a great idea!


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