Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Primary Day

I braved the cold this morning to do my civic duty and vote. I have to admit I get all Mr. Smith Goes to Washington every time I head to the polls. Especially today, looking at a ballot on which the two most likely Democratic candidates are a woman and an African American. This election was historic for me personally because it was my first time voting for a Democrat. I'm a moderate* and have usually fallen to the right of center when it came time to vote, but this year I can't get behind either of the viable Republican candidates. (McCain scares me, and Katy does a great job of describing how I feel about Huckabee.) In the end, I picked the only candidate who wasn't "old Washington" - Obama.

They've announced that so far Obama is winning Virginia by a landslide. Several of the ladies at our church play group this morning said they voted for him for the same reasons I did. It looks like McCain has won too, although at this point by a smaller margin. Maryland is keeping the polls open until 9:30 tonight because of the ice storm we're having and some major roads being shut down.

*A great article about how being a moderate does not mean you can't make up your mind.


  1. I enjoyed the article explaining the position of a moderate (which is what I consider myself). I rarely talk politics with anyone other than my husband (and especially not with my LDS friends) because it is so true that people want you to pick and stick to a side. I'd rather form my opinion based on the issue itself. And I'm not really into arguing my perspective, but I'll certainly listen to someone else's POV as long as they're respectful of mine.

    Ok - on to Lost. Check out this article if you haven't already - it does a great job dissecting the most recent episode of our fav show: http://www.powells.com/blog/?p=2910#more-2910

  2. Hey, I got the same sticker! It was super icy on the way to the poll but I was brave and went anyway.

    I'm happy that people seem to be getting involved in this election. I'm pretty sure Obama's the reason. I heard yesterday that poll turnout in the Potomac primary was up 150%!!


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