Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I really really really miss The Office

This is a message for the people involved in the WGA strike: END IT, PLEASE! (I even asked nicely!)

Despite the fact that this is my third post in a row about TV, I don't actually watch that much. But there are a few shows I really love. The Office is one. And since the WGA strike started, I really really miss it. I fell in love with the UK version a few years ago and was very skeptical of the US version when it started. The pilot was not great, and I thought the show was doomed to never live up to its predecessor. Thankfully, I was seriously mistaken. I love this show even more than the original, I think because Michael Scott is a good deal more likable than David Brent. Yeah, he's an idiot, but you can see that he has good (although often misguided) intentions and he has a heart.

This might be my favorite Office moment of all time.

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