Monday, February 18, 2008

What Type of Music?

Another fun but essentially useless quiz (who doesn't know what type of music they like?) The cool part about this one is that the questions have nothing to do with music - they take aspects of your personality and guess as to what your musical taste will be. Mine was dead on.

Which Type of Music Should You Listen To?

You should listen to Folk Music. You are sweet and kind, and would rather solve problems than cause them. However, your highly-defined sensitivity may come off as too touchy-feely to some.
You should listen to Alternative Rock. You never like to do what everyone else does. If your way is better, who cares if it's popular? In fact, your uniqueness is fast garnering you some increasingly passionate fans!
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  1. Wow, that thing really is accurate! It said I should listen to alternative and folk. And guess what? My favorite band is Indigo Girls--folk--and most of the rest of the music I listen to is Alternative. Freaky!


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