Friday, September 09, 2011


I'm going to make an effort this time to document all the details of this IVF cycle, since I didn't do that last time and now I wish I had. Turns out that after seven years, I can't remember what my E2 levels were after 3 days of stims! Shocking, I know. And did you know that doctors don't have to keep your records for longer than 7 years? They can just throw them away - our last fertility clinic did just that. So I apologize in advance for the minutiae ahead...but hey, maybe someone else going through the same thing will find it helpful.

Today is day 4 of stims, and I had my first monitoring appointment this morning (7 a.m., ugh, but at least it was only 10 minutes away!) At monitoring appointments they do an ultrasound and bloodwork. The u/s looked good - my lining was at 8.6, and I had 12 follicles on my right ovary and more than 10 on my left, all under 10mm.

I got the call this afternoon (while I was at the movies seeing "The Help" - I figure since I might get pregnant soon my days of having time to myself might be numbered, so I better live it up now - thinking positive!) and found out that my E2 (estrogen in the blood) is way too high for this early in the cycle, 737. This means that I'm in danger of OHSS, and possibly cancelling the cycle if things don't slow down. So we're reducing the Follistim to 75 tonight and I have to go back in tomorrow morning instead of waiting until Sunday for more monitoring.

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  1. Oh Chels, wow! I hope dropping the Follistim does the trick! That is a really high E2 but as long as they check you closely you should be just fine, slow and steady wins the race! Will be checking in often on you! GOOD LUCK and many prayers!! xoxoxo! Tonya


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